Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I found out last night that my toilet is leaking.  I was thinking that I was having higher than average water bills -- higher than I had anticipated.  Guess I'll be going to Lowe's today to get a repair kit.  Rather than call the landlord, I can just do it for about $10.

Also, I just got a replacement lawnmower this week to replace the one stolen from my backyard this summer.  I bought this one Monday after answering an ad on craigslist.  I tried it out before I paid for it and it looks almost like new.  If it doesn't rain today, I'll give it a try.  You know, it's been so dry this year that I got away with not trimming for the entire month of July.

It really bugged me that someone would come right up to my back door and take the other lawnmower while I was away at jury duty that Monday.  I opened the door to go out with a bag of garbage and there was this empty place and I just stood there and stared at it for a few minutes.   
Is it too much to ask: Do I have to chain everything down out there to keep it safe from robbers.

In my old neighborhood, I never thought twice about anything being stolen from my property.  My storage shed was never locked for over 5 years and nothing was ever taken.

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