Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank God it's Thursday

I'll try and be a little more upbeat for the rest of the week. 

Only four months until Christmas!  Last year, I didn't even have Christmas (at my house) because I was packing everything up to move out of a house for which I could not longer afford to make payments.  It wasn't until February that we got it all moved, but everything was turned upside-down and I was very depressed about my state of affairs.  This year will be different.  It has to be.  It may not be as grand as it was in previous years, but I think we can pull something together that will be enjoyable.

Everywhere in the news lately, I read and hear about people learning to do with less.  One new statistic is that credit card balances have been cut dramatically and Americans are putting away more savings.  Not good for retailers, but it seems that the majority of everyday people are much more careful with their spending right now.  Even though I feel that I am living with a "bare-bones" budget of my own, I could find ways to cut out a little more.   High speed internet is my only luxury right now.

Did anyone read about the huge traffic jam in China this week?  On Monday, I read that it was 60 miles ling and people had been stuck for over a week on this particular stretch of highway.  Residents nearby were helping to feed motorists and probably provide restroom facilities, I imagine.  Authorities were saying that it was going to take several more days to get everyone moving again and then, late last night, I find out that some reporters went looking for the jam and it mysteriously has gone.  The traffic was moving along with out any major incidents.  Pretty strange, Huh? 

Also, in the news, there's this mammoth iceberg coming from the Arctic that's four times the size of Manhattan and its thickness spot is estimated to be more than half the height of the Empire State Building.  It's the largest single piece recorded in 50 years.  Some comment was made that if all of that frozen water melts quickly we'll see the ocean level rise noticeably.  Anyone ever left a glass of ice water full of ice cubes sitting out as an experiment?  Well, that glass of water doesn't overflow the glass as the ice cubes melt in the glass, does it?  

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