Friday, August 20, 2010


I made myself a Sloppy Joe for lunch today.  I can't remember the last time I'd had one, but it was good.  What I do remember is the first time I ever had one. 

Back, when I was in college, I went with three friends up to New Jersey for a weekend in the snow.  (It was the first time I'd ever been to NJ as well.)  My friend René drove us in her Ford Mustang up the Eastern Shore (Delmarva peninsula) and we stayed at her parents house in Burlington County, NJ.  The next day, her sister had the four of us over for lunch with her family and served us Sloppy Joe sandwiches.  I was hooked.  Who knows why I'd never eaten one before.  Later that day, we went tobogganing down some hill that was close by. 

On the trip back to Norfolk, we unfortunately experienced car trouble and had to spend the night in a flea-bag motel in Salisbury, Md. and missed classes that Monday while the car was being repaired.

My second-only visit to New Jersey was a business trip in 1996.  I was working for a printing company and we got a new scanner so I was sent to Patterson, NJ for a week of training.  (Unheard of these days with video conferencing and online tutorials.)  I stayed at the Fairfield Ramada Inn and enjoyed taking in some nearby sights when I had some spare time.  I went shopping at the big mall in Paramus.  Back then they claimed it was the largest shopping mall on the East Coast.  I drove into NYC one afternoon through the Lincoln Tunnel and came back late that night.  That was quite an experience for me.  I went to the top of the Empire State Bldg and, looking back now, wish I'd gone to visit the WTC.  I tried a lot of good food like at Harold's New York Deli where the corned beef sandwiches were piled so high they could feed two people.  (Wendy F. knows what I'm tawkin about.)

Enough about food.  I'm so full just thinking about it.

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