Thursday, August 19, 2010


We've had a lot of rain and thunder storms in the past two days.  After months of near-drought conditions, it's almost foreign to us to have rain running down the gutters and down the streets.  It's a very welcomed sight, but for the local farmers, it may be too late for their crops.

I watched a couple of squirrels in the Ginko tree outside and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves as they played in the rain.  Just a dew weeks ago, I found a young squirrel lying on the front porch, prostrate in the heat.  I almost thought he was dead when I opened the door.  I put out some cool water in a little dish and I saw him on two occasions drinking something.  I'm glad that I was able to quench at least one little thirst.

Well, I didn't get any grass mowed yesterday due to the rain.

I've heard that this summer is breaking heat records everywhere and is going to be in the record books.
According to the facts I've found: Virginia record 1954 - 110 degrees F.  I don't think we got that high this year.  Looking at the US records, 1934-1936 had the most high-temp recordings. 

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