Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe that I missed checking in yesterday.  I had a eye appointment about 20 miles away and was running late getting there.  I had never been to this particular office, having been referred to an opthamologist  by my regular doctor a few weeks ago.  Nearly there, I got stuck behind some car that was creeping along in the same direction I was.   Try as I may, I could not get past that car in traffic.  By the time I found a parking space and got into the building and found the office suite inside, who should I see in the waiting room but the slow-poking woman from the Toyota Camry.  I couldn't believe that she had gotten there before me.
I was there for over two-hours and got a very thorough exam and everything's fine.  Fortunately, it was rainy and overcast outside at 5:00 pm driving home, because my pupils were dilated and I had to squint all the way home.  I usually have a pair of sunglasses in my car and the nurse asked me on the way out if I had some.  Turns out, they weren't with me, but it didn't matter due to the clouds.   Even by bedtime, my pupils were still like saucers and it had been 6-7 hours since those drops.


We have a issue with my daughter's college financial aid this semester.  She graduated with an A.S. from community college in May and six weeks ago began at The Art Institute of Va. Beach.  It took several trips to visit with the admissions office, but agreed with a financial plan and we both signed.  She will have her Bachelor's degree in 35 months if she keeps to this schedule.  There was a little remaining balance each month after grants and a guaranteed student loan and other extras that left about $198 due, which my daughter thought she could handle.  Unfortunately, the school has sent an email informing us that they corrected our FAFSA and now her payment will be $248 per month.
First of all, they shouldn't have the authority to change my FAFSA.  That's something that is dependent on my 2009 tax return and is password protected.  Parents and students have their own password.
Secondly, this is a "for-profit" institution and I feel that they just gave themselves an extra $1,750 over the 35-month period.  You do the math: 50 x 35. 
Here's my analogy:  If I agreed to terms to by a car for 35 payments and signed the papers and drove off the lot and six weeks later the dealership called or emailed me and said: "You now owe an extra $50 per month on your car payment."  I would say: "Here are the keys, I'm returning the car ... No deal."  We wouldn't have signed the papers with $248 because she can't afford that much.

Am I wrong in feeling like there has been a breach of contract here or a voiding of the contract?
I left a message this morning and called again this afternoon and got no reply.
Next step may be to talk with an attorney and see what rights we might have.

I'd like to hear some response.

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