Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Today is my dad's birthday.  He is 74.  Actually, yesterday was the real birth date, but we're celebrating it today because everyone call assemble today.  I am baking some oven-barbecued chicken (that smells delicious) and some butter beans.  My son and I are transporting our offering to my hometown where my older sister is preparing a big lunch and my younger sister is bringing a birthday cake.  It's about a 45-minute drive west from where I live now.  I sent my daughter a reminder text message last night before I went to bed, but I haven't gotten a reply yet.

I always have grand plans in my head, but they almost never get realized.  There's usually some time constraint or it's a money issue or just the simple logistics of getting everything to come together just doesn't meet my expectations.

My dad is a Railway Enthusiast (he loves trains) and I found a new 2011 calendar that just came off of the press this week for The Virginian Railway.  I got him a copy and I know that's going to be a good surprise.  I also bought a picture frame and printed out a train picture that I found and edited in Adobe Photoshop to bring out some extra details and I framed it last night before I went to bed.  You know, it's hard to get people gifts that have real meaning and not just to satisfy the requirement of getting them something.   

Well, I'd better jump in the shower and get shaved and dressed so we can get this show on the road.

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