Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cat throw up

I was in the shower earlier today when I heard the sound of my cat, Leo, throwing up.  For some reason, Siamese cats are predisposed to up-chucking, I believe, more than some other breeds of cats.  I've read about it, but I can't remember right now.  It's like Dachshunds and back problems.  I look at it as having a child with Special Needs.
Well, as I stood there showering and wondering what was going on with Leo, I thought: Is it too much to ask that he doesn't make a big mess on the carpet?  As it turns out, he got it all on an area rug just inside the bathroom door and I can just throw that in the washer.  (After all the chunks were disposed of.)
I'll do some more research on the cat symptoms and share them later.

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