Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sign of the Times?

My seasonal job - which I began working six weeks ago - is starting to wind down, unexpectedly.  This is work with a national company that has (4) locations in the US and (1) in Canada and the last two weeks of October have been [traditionally] the busiest of the year for them.  Well, two weeks ago, we stopped getting any overtime and now they are beginning to furlough workers in different departments as the work dries up.  The people that I have asked, people that have been working there for many years, tell me that they've never seen things like this -- sales orders drop off dramatically after only one busy month.

Evidently, the US economy has not recovered enough for families to have any extra money to be able to buy the school portraits for their children this fall.  That's the business that I am working in.


On another note, our local school system can't seem to get any dependable bus drivers.  I had to drive my son to school this morning and have had to many mornings so that he wouldn't be an hour late getting there.  They have had one substitute driver after another and the kids never know when or if a bus is going to show up.  Well, after a heated discussion this morning at the school and with the transportation office, I was assured that they will have the problem taken care of by tomorrow.  
I'll believe it when I see it.      

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