Saturday, October 9, 2010

Didn't have to work

Yesterday, when I went to work, we were told that we'd done such a good job at putting out the work for the week, that we didn't need to come in on Saturday (today).  I have a long list of things to try and get accomplished with the prospect of a "free" day. 

1)   Sleep until I feel like getting up.  Done.
2)   Go to bank and deposit paycheck.  Done.
3)   Take clothes and unused items to Goodwill.  Working on it.
4)   Wash car and vacuum interior.
5)   Cut grass, maybe for the last time of the season.
6)   Wash laundry
7)   Check out movie listings and possibly go to see one tonight.
8)   Hang towel rack in bathroom
9)   Put away clean laundry
10) Clean bathroom

The weather has been so glorious for a couple of days that it feels like a nice reward for all of the yucky, steamy days of summer we had and all of the rain that we got recently.  The cooler nights are a welcomed relief and I like opening up my windows and getting a nice breeze.  We can hear church bells ringing on the hour from nearby and it seems like all is right in the world.  

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