Sunday, October 31, 2010

Election Eve

It's not only Halloween tonight, but it's the eve of some very important mid-term elections in this country.  I'll wager that Nancy Pelosi rode her broomstick all the way back to California to try and scare up some votes for Tuesday.  (Not bad, huh?)
Also, we have such a divisive man sitting in the Oval Office and he now tells the Whites and Conservatives that we can 'sit in the backseat'.  Basically, he's putting us at the 'back of the bus' as it were, but maybe it's better than being thrown 'under the bus' like he seems to do to most everyone else.

It's not too much to ask that our elected officials represent the people that elected them instead of the almighty dollar and the lobbyists that buy them off.  I pray that this coming Tuesday some order will be restored to the US. 

God have mercy on us. 

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