Saturday, October 16, 2010

Full of Promise

Today, as I sit here writing, I'm reminded how nice a day it is outside by all of the delicious sunlight streaming in and I consider all of the things that I might try to get accomplished today before the sun sets.  I don't know about you, but I am motivated to be productive while there is daylight and [once it gets dark] I seem to lose that motivation.

Last night at work, we got the official announcement that we'd done such a good job all week that we didn't have to go in to work today.  I'll miss the extra $75 overtime pay for six hours, but the extra day to get some things done that need to be done is very welcomed.  This afternoon, I will be taking my car in for routine service that I've been putting off.  Also, I really need to get out and cut the grass for one last time for this season and then I can put away the mower in the garage until spring.


I have a problem with clutter.  I look at the boxes stacked in the corner of my bedroom and I don't like the way it looks.  I am trying to live with less stuff, but over the years, you end up with things that you just don't want to throw away.  It would really help if I had a linen closet, but I don't.  I have gotten a few Rubbermaid totes that I am putting all of my linens in and stacking.  I have designated different colors for different things: green = towels, blue = sheets and pillowcases, orange = seasonal things, etc....
I guess I need to be more disciplined to deal with little loose things before they get piled into a mess.
Like I was saying to my son this week: it's easier to deal with several small tasks than trying to tackle a mountain of a task that you know is going to defeat you.  I need to put that into action - starting today.

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