Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Job

Finally, I begin working at a new job today.  After many, many months of looking and calling and going to interviews and mailing out copies of my resume, I can begin to feel productive again.  Hopefully, our local economy is getting better because it seems that there are more new job listings coming out every few days.  This certainly wasn't the case a year ago.

When I was first laid off, I spent (wasted) a lot of time wallowing in depression and self-doubt.  I am from a family with a good work ethic that strongly believes in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and getting your act together.  "... but with God, all things are possible." ~Matthew 19:26

I am admitting that I couldn't have gotten through the last year if it hadn't been for all of the continuing and faithful prayers for me by family and friends.  I feel stronger and a bit wiser now after having gone through this trial.  There may be a few more bumps in the road ahead, but I'm not going this alone.   

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