Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

For many students, today was the first day back in class this fall.  My son has a new school, new bus route and a new chance to do better this year than he did last year.  I could have made things a little less stressful, but I made the mistake of not going to the orientation last week and getting a floor plan or map so he'd know the layout of the unfamiliar school.  My Bad.

This morning when the clock radio came on at 6:12, things were a bit blurry as I got up to make sure that my son was able to meet the bus a couple of blocks away.  I remember that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach on the first day -- so much unknown and so much dread of the day ahead.

As it turns out, things weren't so bad after all.  Around 3:00pm, my son came in the front door and walked past with a grin on his face instead of a scowl.  By the way, there's a nice guy (looks like he's an American Indian) that waits at the same bus stop.  He made me think of the character: Joseph Gribble, John Redcorn's illegitimate son from the TV show "King of the Hill". 
(I guess, that makes my son the character: Bobby Hill.)

Do you remember certain smells that bring back a rush of memories from childhood?
1) PBJ in wax paper conjures up memories of elementary school for me.
2) A certain vinyl or plastic smell will make me think of new school supplies.
3) Crayons, Elmers glue, chalk -- school
Whew!  I'm too tired to think of more.

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