Monday, September 13, 2010

I Hate Waiting

I don't know about you, but I have been doing a lot of waiting.  I think that I am a pretty patient person, but lately, it seems like I am always having to wait for something important to be determined.  As a job-seeker, I have many applications and copies of my resume out for consideration for many job openings that I have been interested in. 
Right now,
I am waiting for a answer about a new health insurance policy that is being underwritten.  I started the application process three weeks ago and didn't know it would go on for this long.
I am also waiting for the vet to call and say that they have a prescription ready to be picked up.
I am waiting to get a call for a start date and schedule beginning a new job that I have accepted as of last Wednesday.  (They were waiting on results from a drug test as far as I know.)
I am waiting to hear about results from an interview last Friday for an even better job offering better hours and better salary than the one that I accepted, but haven't yet started.
I am waiting for a favorable decision to an appeal of 3-4 months of unemployment compensation that I haven't been paid for and which I feel that I am due benefits.
I am waiting for the mailman to come by and can pick up my outgoing mail.  (He used to always get here before noon each day, but now I never can predict his appearance.)  I have to keep my inside door locked until the mail is pushed through the mail slot.  Then, I can open my door to let some light come into the foyer from outside. 
Lastly, I am waiting for a call from my doctor's office about rescheduling an appointment that I canceled because of the health insurance not being in force yet.
It's not too much to ask that I get some answers today.

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