Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

Record-breaking snowfall here on the east coast of VA today.  It's like a late Christmas present.  Last night, we started getting the white stuff and all day today it has fallen.  I went outside at lunchtime and took a yardstick for checking the accumulation in my back yard.  At that time, we had about a foot and it continues to fall.  Fortunately, the schools are closed for winter break this coming week, but the roads are going to be a mess around here for days to come.  This is very unusual for this area and I heard that we're breaking a 100-year record this year. 

I filled up my bird feeders and also put out a suet block for them to feed on.  With weather like this, I feel bad for any wildlife trying to survive outside right now.

Lord, have mercy on the poor and homeless and people who may have lost power during this storm. 

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