Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

Last night, we got a spattering of snow here in Southeast VA.  I was coming out of the grocery store at about 7:00 pm and it was really coming down.  Later, as I got ready for bed, I looked out and the cars parked in the street were lightly covered and I could hear the sound of sleet falling.  We owe this unusual, early winter blast to the La Niña effect in the Pacific Ocean, so I've heard.  This is more like January weather for around here, not the first week of December.  Having grown up around here, I can count on one hand the number of white Christmases that I have seen in my lifetime.  I believe that the number is two and that may be being generous.  I can remember my wish when I was blowing out my birthday cake candles year after year was for snow at Christmastime.

While it may put me in more of a 'Christmassy' mood to be all bundled up, needing gloves and scarves outside, extra blankets on my bed and craving a mug of hot chocolate, I still don't look forward to the higher electric bills during the winter.

Today, I am getting my Christmas tree and house all decorated for the season and listening to appropriate music on the radio.  Wish you all were here to enjoy it all. 

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